Community Involvement & Programs


Member - North Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce

Our advocacy group is a proud member of North Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce since November 2021.

Our mission is to work with the Chamber to preserve the beauty of our natural Night Sky and eliminate light pollution with responsible outdoor lighting.


Business Recognition Program

The good news is that light pollution is reversible and each one of us can make a difference. How can your business participate?

  • Lighting is directed only where it is needed for the task at hand. 

  • Lighting is not so bright as to cause glare or to reduce visibility in unlit areas.
  • The color of outdoor lighting is amber or warm white versus bright white or blue. 

  • Lighting with a color temperature of less than or equal to 3000 Kelvin is ideal.
  • Lights are installed with motion detectors or timers when practical in order to prevent lights from being needlessly on all night. Outdoor lighting is extinguished after business hours. At gas stations, if pumps remain operational after the store has closed, it is appropriate to light under the canopy.

Your business will be recognized by the City of Jonestown with a plaque and window stickers.

Request an assessment of your property by emailing your company name and contact information to


International Dark-Sky Association

Neighborhood Lighting Program

We work with Jonestown neighborhoods to eliminate light pollution by using The Five Principles for Responsible Outdoor Lighting:

  • Light only what you need
  • Use energy efficient bulbs and only as bright as you need.
  • Shield lights and direct them down.
  • Only use light when you need it.
  • Choose warm white light bulbs.

Request an assessment of your property by emailing your name and contact information to